[Micromax Superphone Canvas 2][A110][ROM]DrBhokali Rom

[Micromax Superphone Canvas 2][A110][ROM]DrBhokali Rom
Here is what you'll have in there...
-> Pre-Rooted
-> GPS Lock fix (Thanks to VijetaVerma!)
-> Low Sound Output issue fix [ but still it'll be a MMX phone not a CHINA one .... ]
-> Low WIFI signal issue fix [ requesting you guys to report wheather it gives any significant improvement (any way it does increase the wifi perf.) ]
-> Baseband version V5.P2 (incase if you have a old 'P' version )
-> Google Now
-> Improved Battery Life
-> Dodexed and zipaligned
-> Sony Xperia S SWIPE Keyboard
-> Samsung S3 TouchWiz Launcher
-> Beat Audio + Awsome Beats
-> Bravia Engine for better image display
-> Loopy Smoothness
-> build.prop Tweaks
-> Boltware/junk apps removed
-> init.d script support
-> Nexus one bootanimation

Here are the download Links:
Download DrBhokali V2

Detailed Flashing Instructions  :
1) Root your phone

2) Flash CWMR
3) Download DrBhokali ROM
4) Copy it to the root (the very first level of sd card ) of your external sd card (though it can be done using internal sd card also)
5) Turn off your phone.
6) Reboot in CWM recovery mode [ For this press "vol up + vol down + Power" button simultaneously ]
7) Choose "install zip from sdcard" option
8) Select "choose zip from sdcard"
9) Select DrBhokali Rom file [ use vol up/vol down keys to move up/down AND power key to select ]
10) Select "install [MMX_A110][ROM]....."
11) Wipe DALVIK cache (For this go to advanced->wipe dalvik cache)
12) Reboot system

Congo you've flashed the ROM !

In DrBhokali V2 Release...
-> Fixed boot loop issue and crashing issues
-> Added SuperCharger script [Thanks to acervenky]
-> Gmail4.2
-> Changed boot logo + boot animation + shutdown animation. Now its Google's NEXUS (SG S3 patch is also available)
-> Removed Awesome beats as it was not making any enhancements to the sound quality
-> Added Jet AudioPlus with inbuilt MX Boost