[UTILITY][CSC][MM][03.12.16][SM-G930F/FD/K/L/S/W8] Flashable CSC Selection V1.10

[UTILITY][CSC][MM][03.12.16][SM-G930F/FD/K/L/S/W8] Flashable CSC Selection V1.10

CSC Selection for SM-G930F/FD/K/L/S/W8 devices.
Current supported android version is MM only. Nougat csc hasn't been released yet!

What is this for?
CSC stands for Country Specific Code, so every single country (and even different providers in one country) have different codes, for csc features, wallpapers, sounds etc. So it is quit important to have the right csc file on your phone for your provider (so you can have all features which comes with your provider (like wifi calling)).
You may ask yourself now, where can this be flashed on? Basically on every stock based rom, as well as on stock roms (who are rooted of course). So: root and a recovery (custom) are required!
Your current country is not listed below? Send me your stock csc file from sammobile.com (SM-G935F variant) and I will add it!

Guide how to change csc inside Multi-CSC

If you are a T-Mobile USA or ATT user you may consider having a look at following guide how to get VoLTE and WifiCalling working: Guide for USA users

NOTE TO ALL DEVS: You are free to grab any csc you want from this zip, as long as proper credits are given and a link to this thread exist in your OP.

- An app who can change the right csc in multi-csc is present
- Following additions have been made to all csc files:
- Following csc codes/contries are supported until now:
 "ATO", "Austria Open unbranded"
 "ATT", "USA AT&T branded"
 "AUT", "Switzerland unbranded"
 "BOG", "France Bouygues branded"
 "BRI", "Taiwan unbranded"
 "BTU", "United Kingdom unbranded"
 "CHC", "Chinese unbranded"
 "COS", "Greeze Cosmote branded"
 "CTI", "Argentina Multi-CSC contains: CDR, CHL, COM, CPA, CRC, CTI, CTP, CTU, ECO, PCT, PET, PGU"
 "DBT", "Germany unbranded"
 "DDE", "Germany Multi-CSC contains: DCO, DDE, DTM"
 "ETL", "Czech Republic unbranded"
 "EUR", "Greece unbranded"
 "EVR", "United Kingdom T-Mobile branded"
 "FTM", "France Orange branded"
 "GBL", "Bulgaria unbranded"
 "H3G", "United Kingdom H3G branded"
 "HTS", "Sweden Mitt3 branded"
 "ILO", "Israel Multi-CSC contains: CEL, ILO, PCL, PTR"
 "INS", "Indian Multi-CSC (FD variant) contains: BNG, INS, INU, NPL, SLI, SKL"
 "ITV", "Italian unbranded"
 "IUS", "Mexican unbranded"
 "KTC", "Republic of Korea unbranded"
 "LUX", "Luxembourg unbranded"
 "MEO", "Portugal unbranded"
 "MOT", "Slovenia unbranded"
 "NEE", "Nordic Countries unbranded"
 "NZC", "New Zealand unbranded"
 "OPS", "Australia Optus branded"
 "ORO", "Romania Orange branded"
 "PHE", "Spain unbranded"
 "PHN", "Netherlands unbranded"
 "SER", "Russian Multi-CSC contains: CAC, CAU, SEK, SER, SKZ"
 "SFR", "France SFR branded"
 "SKC", "Korea unbranded"
 "TCE", "Mexican Telcel branded"
 "TEL", "Telstra branded"
 "TEN", "Norway Telenor branded"
 "TGY", "HongKong unbranded"
 "THL", "Thailand Multi-CSC contains: CAM, GLB, MM1, MYM, SIN, SMA, STH, THL, XME, XSP, XTC, XTE, XXV"
 "TMB", "USA T-Mobile Branded"
 "TMS", "Slovak unbranded"
 "TMZ", "Czech T-Mobile branded"
 "TPA", "Panama Multi-CSC contains: ALE, ARO, BVO, CHO, COO, EON, PCW, TPA, TTT, UPO, UYO"
 "TSI", "Ireland unbranded"
 "TUR", "Turkey Multi-CSC contains: ACR, AFR, ECT, KSA, TUR, XFA"
 "VAU", "Australia Vodafone branded"
 "VD2", "Vodafone Multi-CSC contains: ATL, AVF, CNX, CYV, MOB, MTL, OMN, PRO, SIM, SWC, TCL, VD2, VDC, VDF, VDH, VDI, VGR, VIP, VOD, XFV"
 "VDS", "Sweden unbranded"
 "VIA", "Germany Multi-CSC contains: O2U, VIA, XEC"
 "VVT", "Bulgaria unbranded"
 "VZW", "USA Verizon branded"
 "XAC", "Canada Multi-CSC (W8) contains: BMC, BWA, ESK, FMC, GLW, KDO, MTA, RWC, TLS, VMC, VTR, XAC"
 "XAS", "USA Sprint Multi-CSC branded, contains: BST, SPR, VMU, XAS"
 "XEF", "France Multi-CSC contains: BTU, CPW, DBT, ITV, KOR, NEE, XEF, XEO"
 "XEO", "Poland Multi-CSC contains: BGL, CYO, MET, ORX, ROM, SEB, SEE, SIO, TOP, TWO, VIM, XEH, XEO"
 "XID", "Indonesia unbranded"
 "XSA", "Australia unbranded"
 "ZTO", "Brazil unbranded"
How-To install:
1. Having a backup (just in case)
2. Download csc selection and put it onto your phone
3. Boot into twrp
4. Install the zip file
5. Reboot

How to restore the EFS-Backup:
As you all know, during the csc installation an EFS backup is made by the installer. Most have no idea how to restore it, so here you go.
1. Boot into TWRP
2. Make sure EFS partition is mounted
3. Open terminal under advanced tab
dd if=/data/media/0/EFSBackup/efs.img of=/dev/block/sda3 bs=4096
5. Wait until it's finished
6. Your previous EFS has been restored successfully

CSC Selection V1.10

Old CSC Changelogs:
CSC Selection V1.1:
- added VIA csc
- added XID csc
- updated VAU csc to APEL
- added TBA csc
- added TCE csc

CSC Selection V1.2:
- Added MOT csc
- Added NZC csc
- Added TUR csc

CSC Selection V1.2.1:
- Added ILO csc (sorry for forget this before)
- Install an app, so you can choose the right csc out from you MULTI-CSC file

CSC Selection V1.3:
- Updated IUS csc
- Updated XEF csc
- added GBL csc
- added KTC csc
- added TGY csc
- added VVT csc

CSC Selection V1.4:
- updated BTU csc
- updated DBT csc
- updated THL csc
- updated VDS csc
- added PHE csc
- added HTS csc

CSC Selection V1.5:
- Added OPS csc file
- updated VD2 csc
- updated TPA csc
- Added ATT CSC (yes you read right, USA provider)
- Added VZW CSC
- Added a new csc feature, floating messages (a new sms app will be installed for this)

CSC Selection V1.5.5:
- Updated AUT csc to APG1
- Updated XAC csc to APG1
- removed sms app, if you want to keep the old one
- added auto efs backup from my rom
- added TMS csc
- updated NEE to APE2
- updated THL csc to APEQ

CSC Selection V1.6:
- update NEE to APE2
- update ITV to BPH1
- update KTC to APG8
- update INS to BPH1
- change XAC from G930F to G935F
- update XEO to BPH1
- update XSG to BPH3
- add COS csc APE1

CSC Selection V1.6.5:
- updated SER csc
- added TEN csc
- added TMB (yes T-Mobile) csc (make EFS backup just in case)
- updated DBT csc
- updated EUR csc
- updated VD2 csc
- updated AUT csc

CSC Selection V1.7:
- hopefully working TMB wifi calling
- XEF csc updated
- PHN csc updated
- NEE csc updated
- ATO csc updated
- TGY csc updated
- TMZ csc added
- ORO csc added

CSC Selection V1.7.5:
- updated applock apk
- added XAS (sprint csc, make efs backup)
- updated XAC csc
- updated TMB csc
- updated ZTO csc
- updated ATT csc with wifi calling (needs testers)
- added EVR csc
- added MEO csc

CSC Selection V1.8:
- updated smartmanager csc features
- fixed ATT csc crash
- added BOG csc
- added SFR csc
- added FTM csc

CSC Selection V1.8.5:
- Updated applock plus airmessage apks
- Update phone info app
- Updated INS CSC
- Updated THL CSC
- Updated VIA csc
- Updated XAC csc
- Updated ATO csc
- Updated BTU csc
- Updated ITV csc
- Updated NEE csc
- Updated PHE csc
- Updated XEF csc
- Updated XSG csc
- Added H3G csc
- Added CHC csc (make backup of EFS just in case)

CSC Selection V1.8.6:
- Applock crash fixed with signature
- added many T-Mobile files so even after a clean install there will be no crash if flashing TMB before one boot
- Updated OPS csc
- Updated XID csc

CSC Selection V1.9:
- Update XSA csc
- Update KTC csc
- Update SKC csc
- Update DDE csc
- Add LUC csc
- Add TMK csc
- Update PHN csc
- Update ATT csc with latest app and framework
- Updated Phone Info app
- Updated XSG csc
- Added TPH csc
- removed TUR csc (it's 100% the same as XSG)
- detect s7 or s7e model and change csc version name accordingly

Current CSC Changelog:

CSC Selection V1.10:
- updated THL csc
- added AMO csc
- updated ZTO csc
- updated INS csc
- updated CTI csc (last version was over half a year old)
- updated TGY csc
- updated XAC csc
- updated TPA csc
- updated ETL csc
- updated TMZ csc
- added O2C csc
- reworked scripts (you won't feel any big difference)
- removed imsservice files from: ATT, TMB and TMK (with ZTO csc as default csc it should work now)
- Change original csc with a script to the one you have chosen in aroma
- Added a warning when you choose qualcom csc to make an efs backup first