[ROM][UPDATED] TransWin version 2, S5 Theme Custom ROM for GT-i8552

[ROM][UPDATED] TransWin version 2, S5 Theme Custom ROM for GT-i8552
TransWIN Custom ROM release 2.0
For Samsung Galaxy WIN Duos (GT-i8552)
Android JB 4.1.2


This is based on SamMobile Latest Stock Rom [I8552XXANC2]
Android JB 4.1.2 Release Apr. 05, 2014


-Pre-Rooted SuperSU-v1.65
-Signal Tweaks
-3G Tweaks
-Battery Tweaks
-GUI Tweaks
-Smooth Scrolling
-ADB Notification Icon Disabled
-Better Call Voice Quality
-Dalvik Tweaks
-Media Tweaks
-Camera Tweaks
-Wireless Speed Increase Tweak
-Better Internet Speed Tweak
-Better Video Streaming
-Pure Performance X
-init.d Support

-Semi Trident Transparent Status Bar.
-White Icons in Status Bar
-No AM/PM in Status Bar and Pulldown.
-Transparent Accuweather
-Remove Factory Reset in Settings
-S5 Bootanimation
-S5 Icons
-S5 Style Statusbar Pulldown
-Transparent ROM

- Redesign
- Latest Patch
- Known bugs fixed
- LG Keyboard as Default Keyboard
- TeslaLED Included for Flashlight
- White S5 battery icon mod with 1% increment
- ***AUTOMATIC STORAGE SWAP*** (no need for Int2ext apps)
- Now, you can install games with large OBB files without the help of any 3rd party apps

File: TranSWin_ROM_v2.zip
Size: 577MB

--- Download TranSWin ROM v2 ---

1. Samsung Galaxy Win GT-i8552. Rooted or not, it doesn't matter, the ROM is pre-rooted.
2. CWM ( Recommended).
3. Class 6 or up External SD Card (Class 10 Recommended) If you do not have External SdCard then no swap will be made.

1. Be sure you are ROOTED first and have CWM Custom Recovery.
2. Put "TranSWin_ROM_v2.zip" file in root of your sdcard.
3. Boot into CWM Recovery mode (VOL UP+ HOME + POWER)
3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
4. Wipe Cache Partition.
5. Advance->Wipe Dalvik Cache->GoBack
6. Install zip
7. Choose zip from /external_sd
8. choose "TranSWin_ROM_v2.zip".
7. Wait till it finish.
8. Wipe Cache Partition Again.
9. Remove Battery to exit from CWM then Reboot Normally.

Note :
1. While booting for the first time it may take a while ,so please be patient.
2. As usual, do a backup first.
3. When flashing new ROM, your data, games, info from your phone will be erase, if you want to retain it, do a Titanium backup or any backup software then restore this backup after flashing ROM.

PATCH-01 (Sim Select Enabled)

DOWNLOAD: TranSWin_Patch01_SimSelect.zip
Download the Flashable Zip file and Flash/Install it thru CWM
(Just Install it thru CWM, no clear cache, dalvik or any, Just Install Zip)

[TUTS] How to change profile picture in status bar live tiles

1. Create your image file (.PNG) size 106x100 pixel.
2. Rename it with my_prof_normal.png.
3. Get your SystemUI.apk and put it to your pc.
4. Open it with 7zip
5. From 7zip, go to res/drawable-mdpi
6. Drag your image file "my_prof_normal.png" inside the 7zip window, overwrite it.
7. Close 7zip, push it to /system/app, set permission to rw-r--r--
8. Reboot your device.
9. Done.