[ROM][PORT][JB][✦✦ Unofficial Lewa OS 5 ✦✦][22/03/2014]

[ROM][PORT][JB][✦✦ Unofficial Lewa OS 5 ✦✦][22/03/2014]




LeWaOS Stable 14.01.10
Light Gapps for 4.2.1 Roms by Me {Only Playsore, Gmail and Google Search} - http://d-h.st/eOW
⇸Make sure you have installed Q700i firmware already. details on installing Q700i fw
⇸Download the rom from provided link and copy to your sdcard
⇸Reboot into recovery
⇸Select wipe data/factory reset, go to advanced and wipe dalvic
⇸Install the rom zip from sdcard
⇸Only Wipe Cache while Installing Updates.

Few Things Worth Seeing:

☛ What's Difference Between Stable and Developer Edition?
⇛ Developer Edition Get frequent Updates but it is Advised to Use Stable Edition instead.
☛ When Will I Get Next Update?
⇛ I Don't Know, Whenever I feel a Need. Developer Edition Will Get Monthly Updates.
☛ I Got A Bug in this Rom, Solve that Quickly.
⇛ I Got Lot of Other Things To Do Also, Report Bugs Politely in This Thread. I Will try to Solve them ASAP.
☛ Is Lewa OS Better than MiUi ROM?
⇛ I Don't Know, It Depends On personal Choice. Try It YourSelf and Find Out.
☛ I Loved this ROM, How Can I Support You?
⇛ If You Liked My Work, then You Can Use Thanks Button and Also Rate the Thread.