[ROM] FireNote Mj5 Deodex V3

[ROM] FireNote Mj5 Deodex V3

FireNoteMj5 Deodex V3: Based on Att Mj5 Stock

Insanely Fast: Quadrant Pushing Close To 24,000 Points: See Pic Below
Actions Like App Loading and Transition Animations Happen Nearly Instantaneous
Precision Tweaks To Xml, Build Prop and Various Other Tweaks
Extended Battery Life Tweaks
Lte and Hspa Tweaks For Improved Cellular Speeds
Several Additional Junk Apk Files Removed From System

Updated Script: Fixed System Font FC
Changing Fonts No Longer Force Close in V2

V3 Update: removed Att Browser Bar completely from settings menu

V3 Features:
Several additional mods to the build prop, Xml files, and System
Focused precise Tweaks for speed, response, and battery life
Battery life vastly improved standby time and increased run time efficiency
Removed the delay when turning screen on from sleeps
Remove nearly all lag entirely even in widgets menu for
The focus of V3 was more refinement over v2 in every way to further improve the overall experience

This rom is meant to be a close to stock experience that's been tweaked heavily for greater performance, speed, touch response, and battery life

This is not a themed build, as there are several great themed roms already out. To offer amazing performance and provide the features you need to create a theme and customize your own personal build or stick with the stock look, while getting the speed and battery benefits of a custom rom...
xposed and wanam will allow you to make themes like below in just a few clicks and a reboot or two.

Precise Build Prop, Xml, and System Tweaks: extremely fast and smooth
Special focus on extending battery life with the extra speed and performance boosts through various edits and tweaks
Modded Tw Ui: modified for responsiveness and speed, 4x4 layout

Hardware Acceleration
Scrolling Cache Disabled
Enhanced Dynamic Rendering
Faster Scrolling Transition Animations
Locked Launcher In Memory Eliminating Constant Redraw
Video and Audio Tweaks: Video Locked at 60 fps HD (even thru benchmarks it hardly varies)
Faster Reboots: Reboots in mere seconds
No Delay In Phone Ringer
Several More Tweaks throughout much of the system

White Samsung Stock Keyboard From MI9

New Features of V3:

Xposed Mod: AppOpps: for total control of apps, permissions Ect

Viper4Android Updated and Built Into System

Updated Kit Kat Launcher With Latest Google Now Features

New Features of V2:

Xposed Mod: App Settings

Nova Launcher and Tesla Notifications

Wake lock Detector

Torch Light Apk

Updated Codecs For Viper4Android Built In System Itself

Aurora Live Wallpaper

Full Stock Kit Kat 4.4 Launcher with Always Listening Google Now and Swipe Left to Google Now

Viper4Android: working flawlessly, built into system settings, giving amazing improvement to the speaker, earpiece, aux out, and bluetooth

Adaway: ad blocking to get rid of those annoying ads while gaming or browsing.

YouTube Adaway: blocks ads before videos so you can start streaming immediately without having to sit thru terrible ad after terrible ad just to watch a video

SPen Board Switcher: swaps samsung keyboard for another keyboard so you can use Swiftkey and the s pen writing pad without having to manually switch back and forth

My Script Stylus: vastly improved over Samsung Handwriting Recognition Pad (is the app samsung actually incorporates into their own keyboard, but is much more accurate and bug free)

TubeMate: app for downloading videos from YouTube to your Sd card

Chainfire SuperSu

Xposed Module Installer

Wanam Module: an amazing themeing module, with so many tweaks and options available there's just far too many to list

Greenify: excellent apk controller that hibernate apps from running in the background, giving you longer battery life and much cleaner and faster performance

No Increasing Ring tone Xposed Module: stops the voluminous increase when your Note begins to ring


Removed from Rom
All Att Bloat Including
Apo _ Att
Att Code Scanner
Att Messages
Mobile TV
Att Locker
Att Family Map
Att Drive Mode
Att Lookout
My Att
Magazine and Magazine Home
Att Ready to Go
Yahoo Widgets and Apks
Elm Agent
All Knox Apks We're Removed Including:
Sec _ container 1zzz KnoxLauncher
Container Agents and Container Events Relay
All Mobile Print Apks
Easy Launcher and Easy Widgets
Allshare Cast Player
Story Album
Yahoo Widgets
Play Games

1. Download Rom From Drive
2. Boot into Safestrap Recovery
3. Choose or Create Rom Slot
4. Wipe Data Factory Reset
5. Flash Rom
6. Reboot and Let Rom Finish Install and Startup
7. Leave Sit 5 to 10 Minutes
8. Go Thru Set Up to Home Screen
9. Reboot
10. Enjoy

To use KK Launcher
1. Update Google Now In Store
2. Open Google Now and Update Language pack
Settings, Voice, Offline Language Package
3. Open KK launcher and set it up
4. All set...Enjoy rocking the official stock fully working KK Launcher

To Use Xposed
1. Open Xposed App
2. Open Modules Menu
3. Click To Activate Whatever Mods You Want
4. Go To Installer (1st menu of Xposed)
5. Click Install and Reboot

To Use Wanam
1. For Any Mod Added Thru Wanam You Must Reboot
2. Themeing:
3. System Holo Dark: adds new background to settings page
4. Panel Background: adds background to notifications panel
5. Title Bar Background: changes notification title background color
6. Bar Color: changes color of slider bar at bottom of notifications panel
7. Tile Background Color: changes notification quick toggles color
For each of these theme mods you must
1. Toggle on the mod at the top right of the individual theme page
2. Click apply at bottom of individual page after choosing color
3. Reboot

Link: Google Drive V3


Google Drive: V2


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