[KERNEL][ICS][7th March] ThuϟderZap 1.1 ★ OC ★ Fast and Sleek!

[KERNEL][ICS][7th March] ThuϟderZap 1.1 ★ OC ★ Fast and Sleek!

First kernel ever for Micromax A110.

Kernel is only compatible with ICS ROMs with exception to Lewa OS, there will be JB version of it when Wiko releases source code
Lets get to features:

General features
*. Compiled with latest optimized Linaro 4.7 toolchain
*. Compiled vfp with neon
*. LZMA compression for kernel. Size 4.2MB ==> 3.2 MB


*. Overclocked upto 1.4 Ghz [Experimental and still a WIP]
*. Performance governor patched to open up both cores[Andreilux]
*. Activated Interactive governor
*. Added 5 new governors: Smartass2, Pegasusq, Lulzactiveq, Hotplug, ZZmoove. Total 12 now
* Activated and tweaked conservative governor


*. Added 4 new IO schedulers: BFQv6, V(R), SIO, ZEN. Total 7 now
*. Fsync control by Ezekeel
*. Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased.
*. Enabled ARCH_POWER

Memory Management

*. Lowered Android logger size
*. Optimized LMK
*. SWAP support
*. Lowered vfs cache pressure size to 20
*. Optimized VM parameters
*. Optimized memcopy and memmove algorithm
*. Tweaked SLUB allocator


*. Optimized CRC32 Algorithm
*. Optimized RWSEM Algorithm
*. Removed old SHA1 routines
*. Optimized git implementation for SHA1
*. Optimized swahb32() byteswap helpers
*. Optimized AES and SHA1 routines
*. Optimized glibc version of string


*. Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP by Google.
*. Enabled 6 new TCP Congestion controls viz. Westwood, Vegas, BIC, HSTCP, HTCP
*. Set westood as default from cubic.

Miscellaneous features
*. NTFS Filesystem support for USB OTG
*. CIFS support added
*. Cleancache enabled
*. Removed Framepointer.
*. Increase READ_AHEAD size to 1024kb
*. Fine tuned CFS parameters
*. Enabled Autogrouping of Schedulers
*. Erase memory pages as soon as they are freed to prevent new processes getting old information
*. Added frandom (Fast kernel number generator) driver
*. Plethora of optimizations to EXT4 filesystem
*. NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default
*. Patch for depleting Entropy pool